Terra Confluence 2024

Inspiring Climate Action Through Education, Innovation, and Collaboration

Designed to educate and engage global participants, this series offers dynamic challenges and expert dialogues aimed at addressing critical environmental issues.

Where ideas sprout and actions take root. 

Terra Confluence 2024 is a critical climate literacy initiative designed to demystify the essential principles of Earth’s climate system for everyone.

Join us in this transformative event series from April 22-29, 2024, the symphony of solvers, and the gathering of green-thinkers at TC 2024, proudly presented by the Global Climate Association (GCA) and Global Partners. Together, we can turn the tide towards a sustainable and thriving future for all.

On the Occasion of the

With a splash of innovation, a dash of collaboration, and a whole lot of education, we're setting the stage for an Earth Day (April 22nd) celebration that sizzles with excitement and overflows with inspiration. 

From the head-scratching challenges to the heartwarming pledges, every pixel of our program is designed to spark dialogue, kindle action, and empower the eco-crusaders of the future.

Open to All

Whether you're a student wielding a test tube, a teacher with a vision, or a citizen with a passion for the planet, Terrra Confluence 2024 is where you'll find your tribe.

Become an Eco Champion

Join TC 2024, where actions spark real environmental impact. More than discussion, we're a breeding ground for transformative change. Free registration. 

United Nations SDGs

Our mission aligns with specific United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) that guide our actions and contributions towards global sustainability efforts.

The Earth is waiting for your support!

Events Tracks

Hop aboard our virtual roundtable as we navigate the waves of climate conversation

"Conversing for Climate". Created using Dall-E AI.

Terra Torrents: A Dialogue Series 

Led by the Founder of the Global Climate Association an environmental and climate scientist, our series features a mosaic of brilliant minds – from tech wizards to policy gurus and grassroots heroes – all ready to unravel the mysteries of climate change. Captured for eternity, these insightful discussions will light up our website, YouTube channel, Twitch sparking change one view at a time!

Triad of Planet Challenges Challenges for High Schoolers, College Students, and Researchers.

Participants will develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills through hands-on challenges tailored to their educational level.

They will also gain practical experience in environmental stewardship and collaborative solution-finding across diverse global contexts.

Climate Conundrum Challenge

Hey students of grades 6-10, are you ready to become climate crusaders? Join the Climate Conundrum Challenge and arm yourselves with knowledge to fight the climate beast. 

You'll get your very own climate dossier – think of it as your environmental detective kit – to decode and devise solutions that would make Captain Planet beam with pride! 

Submit your brilliant breakthroughs and stand to win accolades that'll make your resume greener than the Amazon forest!

Top 3 best narratives will win prizes!

Climate Data Analytics Showdown

Get your data detective hats on for this data science activity. 

Starting with a crash course led by Dr. Chakravarty, we're dishing out all the secrets behind climate variables and how to crunch those numbers using the magic of Google Sheets

To immerse college students in the intersection of data science and climate studies, this competition will test and enhance their analytical prowess using real-world climate data.

Top 3 best submissions will win prizes.

Planet Prosper Pledge 

Lights, camera, action for sustainability. Here's your chance to pledge for the planet and be featured on the official GCA YouTube channel!

Declare your dedication to Mother Earth, upload with ease, and join the legion of Planet Protectors. Who knows, your face might just be the next one to pop up on screens worldwide, inspiring legions to join the earth revolution. 

So, grab that camera, unleash your inner Spielberg, and let's make sustainability the blockbuster hit of the year!

Top 3 best video pledges will win prizes.

General Instructions:

Wait, there're rewards for Winners!

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